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Girl Crush Wednesday: Felicity Smoak

Since last wednesday, I’ve been itching to write about another of my favorite fictional girl, Arrow’s Felicity Smoak portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards.


A brief background about her, she’s an IT girl who works for Queens Consolidated. She got our attention when she first appeared of help to Walter Steele. Then she did errands for Oliver which made the chase more exciting and hilarious! How stupid must Oliver think Felicity is for not having a clue for those weird requests. She then discovered Oliver’s secret when he came to her for help when his mother shot the Arrow. In the purpose of saving her abducted boss, Felicity decided to join the team. Making Oliver, John Diggle and her the original Team Arrow.


So what’s so special about Felicity?

arrow_204_felicity_smoak_gif_by_edartgeek-d6siqd81. She’s not your ordinary IT girl. She’s absolutely genius in hacking systems making Team Arrow’s crime busting so much easier. Also, she can analyze blood and other objects PLUS she’s currently trying to develop her fighting skills. Talk about multitasking!

arrow13_by_edartgeek-d6tea2p 2. She’s funny. She is absolutely funny! She knows how to use her smart mouth and witty puns. She can be sarcastic sometimes and sound naive but it’s the good kind. She definitely lessens the stress to the serious three man team.

Dodger 3. She is gorgeous. Her glasses and high hair tie might trick you into thinking that Felicity’s unattractive. But whenever she dresses up, she doesn’t disappoint. She’s got a pretty face worthy of attention and curves that’s definitely shown off with body hugging dresses in the latest episodes. Seems like she’s being trimmed into a leading lady material.

4. She’s no damsel in distress. Sure, she far from being a Canary nor is she as skilled in self defense as Laurel but she’s got some tricks of her own. Her strength is in her tech. Remember the episode when she busted that clock freak? She saved everyone’s ass and outsmarted the villain using her gadget tinkering skills. Also, she’s got a valuable mind. How would she be able to crack those codes if she ain’t smart right? But she’s also intelligent when it comes to strategizing. It’s been several times when Felicity lead a game plan and it always works.

tumblr_inline_mtadmyYdAR1qiwt4o5. She cares for his men. Her feelings for Diggle is clearly platonic and for Oliver, we’re sure it’s more than that. But as their teammate, Felicity truly cares about her two buddies. Without her telling both guys how valuable their team is, the Diggle-Queen partnership has long been over.

OlicityGoing back to “Olicity”… Sure, Oliver is still blinded with his love for Laurel but he knows how significant Felicity is to him. She’s the only one who genuinely believes in him. She’s the one who could make him think straight. She’s the girl who Oliver can be vulnerable with. She is Ollie’s girl.

arrow_203_felicity_smoak_gif_by_edartgeek-d6rrm396. She’s brave. Felicity’s a girl with no fighting skills yet she’s a vigilant putting her life on the line everyday. Even if Oliver wants to keep her in the safety of their cool hideout, she’s more than willing to go in the field whenever needed. Felicity would do anything and everything just to protect her team.

With all that said, what’s not to love?

More Felicity for you:







Till next time,

Fiction Fangirl


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