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Top 3: Reasons Why Sadie Is My Favorite Bitch


If I’m having a love hate relationship with a fictional villain, it would be Awkward’s Sadie Saxton. Sadie is portrayed by the lovely Molly Tarlov. Basically, Sadie’s character is an anti-hero in the series. In Season 1, she’s portrayed as a heartless bitch who doesn’t want anyone around her to be happy. She’s best friends with Lisa and close friends with Matty and Jake. She’s one of the most popular girls in school who’s got straight As and team captain of the cheering squad. Despite her tough exterior, it’s pretty clear that she’s insecure with her body weight, perhaps she’s just big boned or something. The girl she loathes the most is Jenna Hamilton because Jenna takes all Matty’s attention. As Jenna sees it, Sadie’s committed to make her life miserable. 


Come Seasons 2 to 4, Sadie’s character develops into something with more depth. When she became poor because of her father’s mistakes and when her mother abandoned her, the reason why her character is so bitter came to light. Also, it were revealed that she isn’t really a heartless bitch, well she’s a bitch but she’s not heartless. She genuinely cares for two of her closest friends, Lissa and Matty. Remember how she would threaten Jenna on not to tell anyone that she’s actually poor and she works after school at a food truck? Well, she blew off her cover and even brought the food truck to her school’s field just to get Lissa back. As for Matty, she got over her love attraction with him and just became friends. And she’d do anything just to protect him. Just to name a few circumstances, bailing him and Jake out of jail (technically, teaching them how) and teaming up with Jenna to keep Eva, the psychopath, out of Matty’s life. There, she truly cares right? 

To wrap it all up, here are the three main reasons why I love Sadie: Sadie_and_Matty_hugSadieLissa

1. When she loves someone, she genuinely does. And she’ll do anything to keep them. (ooh, I forgot! She’s so adorable when she’s in love! I hope she and Sergio would become a couple in the next episodes.) 


2. She’s pretty. That’s undervalued because she looks so scary all the time. But when she smiles (even when she’s faking it), her face is exquisite. Well, why else should she be called doll face if she’s not right? 


3. More than just her angst, she’s really clever! She’s actually intelligent, a straight A student remember? And her tactics are good, one needs to be smart to make those up. Also, she’s witty. The reason why everyone’s afraid of her, she can kick your ass by just her harsh yet truthful words. 

Here’s more of her bitchiness!













There you go. 🙂 


Till next time,

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2 thoughts on “Top 3: Reasons Why Sadie Is My Favorite Bitch

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more I love Sadie . Awkward is one of my favorite TV shows because of Sadie. I love her bitchiness, I just wish one day I could act like her and pull it off but a girl can only dream. Have you seen Finding Carter? I think you would really like it if you like awkward because it’s full of drama & humor and I talked about it in my blog if you want to know what’s it about. I followed you mind following back?

    -Caution to the wind


    • Hi there! Thanks for the insight! Sadie really isn’t your ordinary highschool bitch. I’ll take your advice with Finding Carter and will definitely check it out. 🙂 Btw, followed back girl! Awesome blog!


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