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Say Who? Antoine Triplett, Agents of Shield

tumblr_n5lxsb0X7W1r12zfuo5_500I missed this week’s Man Crush Wednesday because I’ve been so busy with work and school. So, I’m making up this Thursday for my Say Who feature. Let’s talk about Agents of Shield’s hottie, Agent Antoine Triplett portrayed by B.J. Britt. 

Agents_of_SHIELD_Providence_07Antoine Triplett or Agent Triplett appeared in the later episodes of the series and he’s just appeared in few series taking a bigger role. He’s a Shield specialist who was first under the supervision of Garett. When it was revealed that Garett was the Clairvoyant and part of the Hydra attack, Triplett turned away from his mentor and was took in by Coulson’s team. After the attack and as Agent Ward shows his true colors, Triplett slowly earned the team’s trust and as many would say turns out to be Ward’s replacement. However, in my opinion no one can ever take Ward’s place and Triplett’s a very different character. He has a unique personality and he won’t settle for Ward’s second. Not to mention his skills at almost everything. He’s skilled in combat, knows about biochem and is good with tech. He’s also handsome, even attracting my personal favorite agent – Jemma Simmons.  

Now, let’s see what else we can discover about this impressive guy. 

Triplett_MAOS tumblr_n8o5jg6wvZ1qljlfwo6_r1_250

1. Sure, he does not equal to Ward and definitely not May in hand to hand combat but he’s got his own unique skills. He’s an all around specialist who’s skilled in weapons and combat, medically trained, tech enthusiast and a strategist as well. He may not be able to beat Ward in battle but he knows stuff Ward does not understand. Remember the time when Ward can’t hardly operate Fitz-Simmons’ table? That was hilarious! 

  tumblr_n4msy4nPE61rearvyo3_250 tumblr_n4msy4nPE61rearvyo2_250


 2. His grandfather is Howling Commando. Commando took a major part in WWII by fighting in battle with Captain America defeating the Red Skull. Triplett even said that his father defeated Hydra back in the days and there’s no reason they couldn’t beat them again. Well, that’s something.

tumblr_n8m0waoyxI1sscj4so5_250 tumblr_n8m0waoyxI1sscj4so3_250

3. He’s trustworthy. So far in the series, he consistently seems to be. Well, knowing how Agents of Shield works… We just need to see what happens next season.  coulson-triplett-and-fitz-agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-actor-spotted-on-the-avengers-2-set tumblr_n8qoqseLBe1tdv3gno6_250

4. He and Coulson could relate well! At first, Coulson was hesitant to take Triplett in, knowing that he was previously under Garett’s supervision. But when they spent time together and when he brought those commando stuffs in, they became soulmates! Haha. I’m excited to see more of how alike he and Coulson are. Phil definitely needs someone whom he can truly connect with. 

 tumblr_n8qoqseLBe1tdv3gno3_250 tumblr_static_8xqzznsbfu8s4wgok0c80ws4k

5. Total opposite to Ward, Triplett’s someone who’s really easy to get along with. How he earned Simmon’s trust was straight on, even leading to some romantic attraction boiling. Same as he is, Skye’s not difficult to get along with. While May’s tough exterior doesn’t seem to mind working with him. And Coulson, yeah we know how they roll. And lastly, the person he found it difficult to befriend, Fitz. We all know how Fitz feels about Simmons now and it’s pretty clear why he loathes Triplett at the start. But he came through and it looks like Fitz found someone more worthy of his friendship. Plus, that fist bump was quite cute! tumblr_n5lxsb0X7W1r12zfuo9_500So, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Agent Triplett in Season 2 since it was revealed that he’s going to be a main character. Like Team Coulson, we’re starting to fall in love with him already! 

Till next time, 

Fiction Fangirl 


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