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Vicious Friday: Amber Horn, Awkward

Villains make the heroes lives interesting. And they’re the ones we love to hate. Without them there’s no thrill to the story now will there be victories for our beloved antagonists to celebrate. So it’s more than reasonable that we give our favorite villains their well deserved feature.elizabeth_whitson_a_p

This week, i’m going to talk about Awkward’s Amber Horn who poses as Eva Mansfield. She’s a Palos Hills High transfer student who’s the current girlfriend of Matty Mckibben. She’s enemies with Sadie Saxton and Jenna Hamilton. Beautiful Elizabeth Whitson portrays her character.

What makes her evil?



1. She can manipulate people, even Sadie! Amber knows how to brainwash people. Her acting all naive and caring made her look so harmless which she most definitely is not! Stabbing someone with a pencil as a child! Although she knows all the scary bad-ass places, she seems to get away with every screw up she gets in. I can’t believe that even Sadie left her guard down by letting Amber blackmail her!



2. She’s a psychopath. It was so surprising and in all stages of creepy when Sadie found out who Amber really was. A tiny house far from the mansion she claims as her home. Living with her grandmother’s basement homeschooled by herself. And stealing money to afford the life she portrays to have. Not to mention those photos of Jenna, Matty and Sadie all scribbled on posted on her board. Looks like she’s been planning on her little scheme far too long ago!



3. Empathy is her greatest weapon. Yes, she’s cool with her gorgeous clothes, pretty face and rockin’ body but she also claims to be bullied and left out. Well, that seems to be okay. But whenever she gets caught from her evil acts she runs to Matty, come clean and turn the situation around looking like a victim. She also love to take advantage of people when they’re most vulnerable. Matty’s family issues clouded his judgments. Well played Amber.


4. She’s an expert liar. Did I mention that she’s a psychopath and manipulative bitch? That covers most of the lying part.


5. She knows who her enemies are. Knowing that she’s never had friends for most of her life, she treats everyone as her enemies. Except Matty of course, whom she’s obviously obsessed with! But even with Jenna and Sadie teamed up, they’re still no match for her puppy dog eyes and foolproof schemes. Talk about scary!



6. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Perhaps her years of planning paid off. She knows how to treat everyone! Jenna being the compassionate girl that she is, Amber befriended her making her believe that she needs a friend. Not until Jenna found her at Matty’s doorstep which clearly showed her intentions. As for Sadie, Amber knows how to play her games. Sabotaging her relationship with Austin was the best way to destroy her but also the worst way to tick her off. We all know Sadie won’t settle second when it comes to bitchiness. And the boys. They’re easy. Taking her clothes off and acting all cool and rebellious did the trick. Actually, the stripping part did most of the trick.


Perhaps Amber was not born evil. Since we discovered just a glimpse of her back story, we really can’t tell yet. But as far as the Season 4’s aired episodes were concerned, she definitely is one of the most villainous character I’ve come to know (well, not including the world dominating types).


We’re hoping that her “pregnancy” bomb is hoax. But if it were true then Matty’s life would take a full turn, there’s a big chance Jenna ends up with another guy and Amber stay for quite a long time (I can’t stand her anymore!). If that happens, I’m not sure if the series could still be consistent with the Awkward story line we came to love.

As for now, I’ll just go with what Sadie thinks of her…


Till next time,
Fiction Fangirl


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