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Quotable Sunday: Belle, Once Upon A Time

If we’re going to talk about true love, I’ll give it to Belle. Her love for Rumpelstilskin / The Beast / Mr. Gold is so pure and genuine. You can never say that it’s just infatuation because all he ever did when he enslaved her was to make her suffer, yet she found goodness in him. Despite all the things he done to her: stealing her from her family, locking her up, making her serve him and those harsh words, yet she never lost hope in him. It’s not lust as well. With Belle’s beauty, she deserved someone who might be as handsome or more than Prince Charming but Rumpel’s far from looking that good. And yet, she once again look past his appearance. Whenever Rumpel tries to push her away, she keeps coming back proving her true affection for him. With all the efforts she’d put into helping him reveal the goodness in his heart made him love her in return, taming the beast inside.

Till next time,

Fiction Fangirl



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