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Man Crush Monday: The Huntsman / Sheriff Graham


Once Upon A Time’s Sheriff Graham is the Storybrooke alternate of The Huntsman. The character is played by the handsome Jamie Dornan.

Sheriff Graham’s character was easy to love. Not only because of his undeniably good looks but also because of his good heart and genuine affection for Emma. However, it’s so frustrating how he can’t cut lose on Regina’s grip which ended up with the evil queen crushing his heart to pieces. Yeah, his role was quite short but he’s definitely one of the deceased characters that we’re hoping they’d bring back to life. Although, resurrection could be long delayed… Who knows what might happen in a magical place.

A few more tidbits about Jamie Dornan:

  • He’ll play the role of Christian Grey in the most anticipated fiction film, Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • He’s also a musician previously part of the folk band Sons of Jim as a singer.
  • He’s most notable works are Marie Antoinette, Shadows in the Sun and Beyond the Rave.
  • He was a Calvin Klein model.
  • He was a Rugby player in Ireland.
  • He is a big Manchester United fan.
  • He is Keira Knightly’s ex boyfriend. They were together for two years.
  • He hated being “cute” when he was a kid.

As I kept digging for info about him, I just found more and more reasons to admire him. An actor, model, musician,athlete and incredibly gorgeous? What can be more perfect than that?

These photos will surely make your day.









Till Next Time,

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