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Top 3: Questions For Agents of Shield

Season 1 of Agents of Shield kept us all hanging with so many mysteries unrevealed and puzzles unsolved. But here’s the top three big questions I’m itching to discover from the hit Marvel series.




1. Will Coulson get blown up like the Garrett? Well, of course he won’t, he’s Phil Coulson – the person the plot revolves on. Silly question, I know let me rephrase… With the unknown cure in his body, what will he turn into? Rumor says that the alien body that was on the T.A.H.I.T.I. Program is a Kree. It’s been even speculated that the body was owned by Captain Marvel, a friendly Kree alien turned into Earth’s superhero. If this were true will Coulson turn into Captain Marvel number 2? If so, surely he’ll be ecstatic! He’ll now qualify as part of the Avengers Roster. If not, how will he fight the lethal side effects the cure? Let’s hope changing his memory was effective enough to stop him from going beyond the limits of his brain capabilities. But how about Skye? She’s been injected too. There’s a big chance that if she’s not affected by the alien blood (no signs of insanity and weird behavior… yet) then maybe just maybe she’s of the same species of the blue alien. Or a different kind that’s immune to the alien blood? That won’t be a surprise since we all know that her parents are monsters. And soon enough she’ll be revealing her true identity. Exciting!



2. Speaking of Skye, what will happen to Grant Ward? Is he redeemable? Well, I’ve got mixed feelings with Agent Ward’s character revelation. I’m quite happy because he’s gotten more interesting than before. His character turn around made his personality more believable and sensible. Ally turned enemy makes the series’ plot more intriguing letting its viewers doubt each and every one of Coulson’s team. I love the thrill. Sad because I’m really a fan of him and Skye. Though it’s too early to say that there’ll be no chance for them to reunite but it seems like Skye loathes him too much to give him a chance just yet. Actually all of them hates him to the core. Is he redeemable? My guess would be a yes. All those back story and effort to create a relationship with the team would be a waste if his character ends up just as Garrett’s former lap dog. It would be nice to see him turn away from darkness. Working hard to earn his team’s trust again would be his struggle for sure. But being the new Nick Fury for Shield, Coulson is also a guy who believes in second chances. Ward just needs to show him he’s worth the shot. However, if this were true… It must take Ward a whole season at least to get back in Team Coulson’s circle of trust.




3. How about Fitz? The greatest heartache I and surely most of the other Shield viewers have experienced was Fitz’ near death scene. I admit, as I watched when him sacrifice himself to save Simmons and as she paddled hard to keep him alive got me teary eyed. Fitz is too precious of a character to lose. And I’m really scared to discover what change he’s undergone. Fury and Coulson made it pretty clear that he might never be the same again. That is so devastating. Will he lose his memory? His skills for tech? Perhaps be paralyzed or experience some kind of brain trauma? I hope not lose his sense of humor and the cheerful personality he shares with Simmons! Whatever it is.. even if it’s just small scar in his arm, I hope it’s curable or reversible. I love Fitz’ character the way it is. The show won’t be the same and would be less appealing if he were to change a bit.

I sure can’t wait for all my questions to be answered as the series continues it’s second season. Can’t wait for Sept. 23, Season 2’s most awaited pilot episode premiere!

Till Next Time,

Fiction Fangirl


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